Our Martial Arts Programs

Our focus is on developing complete martial artists through a professional, comprehensive Martial Arts System. We offer training combining the technicality of jiujitsu, the explosiveness and timing of Judo, the persistent mentality of mixed martial arts, all while holding true to the essential function of martial art: Self Defense.

Our ultimate goal is to assist all students to reach their full potential while encouraging them to achieve their individual goals. If you have a child and are looking to improve their self-confidence, discipline, coordination, or you are an adult searching for a great way to get in shape or simply learn self-defense, Black Arrow Martial Arts has what you are looking for.

It is through a lifetime of training, discipline, instruction and dedication to the martial arts that with confidence we look forward to serving you.

What is Jiujitsu?

Jiujitsu is a martial art combining the techniques and concepts from brazilian jiujitsu, Olympic judo, wrestling, and self-defense. It was designed to equalize size disparity to give the smaller individual the necessary skill to manipulate and control a larger opponent. Through this process coordination of the body is developed. With technique and coordination the jiujitsu practitioner will gain the confidence for any aspect of life.

The technique of jiujitsu focuses on a holistic approach of grappling.

All students will learn:

  • Judo throws from the standing position
  • Wrestling takedowns
  • Brazilian jiujitsu ground control and submissions
  • Self-Defense methods to increase Situational Awareness


Kids will learn:

  • Bully awareness and avoidance
  • How to work with a group
  • Team building
  • Increased self confidence and how to apply that in school


Women will learn:

  • Situational awareness and attack avoidance
  • Controlling a larger opponent in the clinch
  • Defending from the ground and getting to your feet
  • The confidence to never be a victim


What are the Benefits?

  • Positive Life Changing Experience
  • Builds Confidence
  • Team Unity
  • Weight Loss
  • Gain Flexibility
  • Stress Relief
  • Mental and Physical toughness

Jiujitsu is for everyone! Men, women and children of all ages, sizes and statures are all candidates to successfully and effectively apply the techniques and concepts that encompass the diverse martial art jiujitsu. Training in martial arts is a journey, a life-changing journey at that. At Black Arrow, our aim is to positively change lives both physically and mentally. As part of the journey, the student will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Building confidence, both on and off the mats.
  • Being a part of a team focused on a common goal: betterment of the self.
  • Improving physical conditioning and getting in shape while acquiring skills that last a lifetime.

Why Jiujitsu?

Jiujitsu represents a holistic approach to the grappling arts. Jiujitsu’s diversity and completeness are direct result of a lifetime of martial arts experience expressed through the program and curriculum. Jared's experience as a martial artist, a competitor, and an instructor, along with being an overall student of the game is represented by his own personal credentials and those held by his students. Jared's knowledge is available to you here at Black Arrow, all within the confines of family friendly, clean and inviting environment, invested in seeing every student succeed in their personal goals. Jiujitsu is appropriate for the seasoned competitor or the individual looking for a fun and empowering martial arts experience. Come find out for yourself why Jared Feierabend is a sought out instructor.


Programs We Offer

We offer the following programs:

  • Kids Jiujitsu Program (Tiny Tigers & Little Ninjas)
  • Adult Jiujitsu Program
  • Women's Cardio Kickboxing Program
  • Military Self-Defense Program

Tiny Tigers & Little Ninjas Program

This class emphasizes the use of drills and games that enhance listening skills, ability to focus, and cooperation in a safe and fun environment.

Through the use of positive encouragement we will ensure your child will develop into a disciplined goal oriented individual with the leadership skills necessary in a team work setting.

Our Championship Kid’s Team will give your child confidence to participate, willingness to learn, and a yearning to achieve.

Our Jiujitsu Program

Whether you are looking for weight loss, self confidence, individual goal setting, or real world self defense, jiujitsu has what you are looking for.

This adult level course is meant for all Martial Artists, beginners through advanced students. Jiujitsu has been hailed as the worlds most efficient and effective Martial Arts system in the world.

This course will give you the skills necessary to neutralize any real world potential threats in a safe and fun environment. Our facility and team are designed for your individual development and personal goals.

Our friendly-service-first staff is 100% dedicated to you and your family’s growth and enrichment in the world of Martial Arts.

Black Arrow Women's Kickboxing Program

This program focuses on giving you a full toned body in an energetic, fun, and team orientated setting. Our top notch staff is 100% dedicated to meeting your individual goals all while improving your flexibility, balance, nutritional foundation and self confidence, in a safe cutting edge facility.

Everyone will feel comfortable and welcomed from beginner to advanced athletes. Relieve stress, increase focus, tone muscle, and improve your cardio.

If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle and a strong toned body this program is for you. Fight for your Fitness.