Our Martial Arts Instructors

Jared Feierabend

Jared is one of the most sought after instructors in the martial arts industry today. Jared teaches Martial Arts to the most Elite Special Forces units in the world. Now his methods and techniques are yours for the taking. Whether it’s your child’s self confidence and development, someone looking to get in shape, or an advanced student looking to take his or her training to the next level, Jared’s whole hearted commitment has always been his students goals. It is with great confidence that Jared offers his services to you, giving you the best because you deserve it. “When it comes to serving your needs in the martial arts, my best is the least I can do”.

Certifications & Experience

  • Senior Instructor in Guerrilla Combatives
  • Tier 1 Special Operations Combatives Instructor, Certified by Professor Greg Nelson
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Guerrilla Jiujitsu
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kobudo
  • U.S. Special Operations Combatives Instructor
  • U.S. Military Intelligence Combatives Instructor
  • Lead Inspector with Combative Sports Commission, State of Minnesota
  • Over ten years training professional UFC Fighters
  • Martial Arts School owner for over 15 years
  • Over 27 years Martial Arts experience


  • Awarded Best Brazilian Jiujitsu instructional DVD 2006, Sydney Australia
  • Awarded Plaque of Appreciation from U.S. Military Intelligence 2012
  • Awarded Plaque of Appreciation from U.S. Special Operations 2013
  • Awarded Certificate of Appreciation from Alpha Company, 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Armor Brigade, and 1st Infantry Division, 2013
  • Awarded Elite Guerrilla Jiujitsu Team Member 2014


Lisa Fiebiger

Lisa bridges the gap between Ancient Battle Tested Combat techniques and Modern Weight Loss strategies. Her Full Body Toning course has brought national attention earning her a "5 Star Fitness Rating" from Martial Arts Super Star Dave Camarillo.

Lisa's decade of experience, advanced training methodologies, and student first mentality have brought her students to meet their fitness goals in a fraction of time compared to other programs. Safe, easy to learn, and fun are just three of the many terms used to describe the Great Classroom Environment Lisa has created.

  • Black Belt in Kickboxing


Kyle Matuszak

Kyle's motivation to work as hard as he does to make sure you or your child reach your individual goals stems from one source: he loves Martial Arts and wants you or your child to experience the same passion for the Arts as himself.

His dedication, drive, and focus has brought him to the top levels of Jiujitsu in a very short span of time. An avid competitor, Kyle regularly competes and medals at every tournament he can possibly make. The only thing that makes him happier than pushing himself to the highest levels in Jiujitsu is seeing his fellow teammates reap the benefits of their training.

It is with a rare and honestly sincere approach that Kyle takes pride in your accomplishments and assists you to reach your personal goals.


  • Guerrilla Jiujitsu Purple Belt
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu Purple Belt
  • Submission Hunt Champion
  • Fargo Open Champion
  • Awarded "Most Improved", 2012
  • Awarded "Excellence in Service", 2013


Kris Kaikkonen

Kris Kaikkonen’s patience, attention to detail, and genuine desire to learn are just a few of the many qualities he passes on to students.

Kris’s studies in martial arts range from Guerrilla JiuJitsu, Guerrilla Combatives, Brazilian JiuJitsu, and the ancient martial arts such as short sword, long sword, and double long sword.

Kris Kaikkonen is the very definition of a martial artist. His kindness, patience, and attention to detail will insure you or your child will always be attaining your next level in the martial arts.

  • Guerrilla Jiujitsu Purple Belt
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu Purple Belt
  • Guerrilla Combatives Assistant Instructor